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Clongen Laboratories offers decades of molecular biology expertise for rodent genotyping. Confirmation of the presence or absence of specific genes in transgenic and knockout animals is accomplished using PCR, and RT-PCR. Existing protocols can be used or new assays can be optimized and adapted for new genotyping submissions.

PCR Testing

DNA extracted from tail tissue clippings is used as the target template and the proper primers specific for the detection of either the transgene or a knockout gene in the PCR reaction mixture will result in the amplification of the expected size fragments. Clongen Laboratories can determine the genotype of animals within your colony. The resulting amplification of primer-specified target DNA allows for the determination of the genetic nature of the tested animals with respect to gene insertion or deletion – and therefore their genotype.

Reporting of Results and Sample Submission

PCR results are reported to the customer within 5-14 days following receipt of samples. Assay transfer of new assays may require an additional week.

The most desirable samples for genotyping are tail snips. Tail snips should be collected and immersed in 70% ethanol and refrigerated (4C) prior to shipping. (Other tissues, such as toe clips, ear punches, muscle and brain tissue may also be used.) Samples should be shipped overnight on ice packs.

Please contact Clongen Laboratories prior to shipping any samples.

Protocol numbers

  • PCR: GT101

Please contact Clongen Laboratories prior to shipping any samples.