The MycoAlert kit utilizes a sensitive biochemical reaction that detects the activity of specific Mycoplasmal enzymes.  These enzymes catalyze the conversion of ADP to ATP.  The viable Mycoplasma are lysed and the enzymes react with the MycoAlert substrate producing a bioluminescent reaction that can be detected using a luminometer.  The following Bioluminescent reaction takes place and the signal is detected as Relative Light Units (RLUs):

ATP + Luciferin + O2———–>Luciferase + Mg 2+———————->  Oxyluciferin  + AMP + PPi + CO2 + Light

The emitted light intensity is linearly related to the ATP concentration.  The reaction is performed at room temperature (18o C – 22o C).  The light emission is measured following a short incubation with the MycoAlert reagents and then another reading is taken following a short incubation with the MycoAlert substrate.  The ratio of the second reading to the first reading is used to determine whether the test is positive, negative or borderline.

Turnaround Time:  24 hours from time of Sample receipt

Test Code:  131M

Sample type:  medium from cell culture, or medium with cells (cells should be maintained in antibiotic-free medium for 3-5 days for better results)


$99 per sample (1-10 samples in a shipment)

$89 per sample (10-20 samples in a shipment)

$79 per sample (20 or more)

Please complete the Biotech-Biopharm Sample submission form and send it along with the samples.